Inktober 2023

30 day art thing (-:

day 1: an animal

day 2: a flower

day 3: a beach scene

day 4: your favorite food

day 5: a tree

day 6: favorite book cover

day 7: a cartoon character

day 8: whatever you want

day 9: a self portrait

day 10: something starting with ‘s’

day 11: something with wings

day 12: your favorite hobby

day 13: something outside your window

day 14: a landscape

day 15: something you ate today

day 16: something starting with ‘e’

day 17: something you’re afraid of

day 18: something you wore today

day 19: a mushroom

day 20: a place you’d like to visit

day 21: something that makes you happy

day 22: a character from a show or movie

day 23: something that represents your personality

day 24: a dessert

day 25: something blue

day 26: anything for only 20 minutes

day 27: a drink

day 28: a plant

day 29: someone as a caricature

day 30: redraw one of your drawings from earlier in the month