an unlikely friendship

an unlikely friendship is about a girl named victoria, or vic, and a man named henry. it follows their daily lives, which is oddly exciting. it’s a comic, and hopefully graphic novel at some point, that i started with my best friend. we haven’t drawn any comics for the story line just yet, so i’m posting little drawings and comics here until we start making them consistently!

!! this page may contain things that disturb sensitive viewers, if you are sensitive to the sight or mention of blood, slight body horror, or abusive parents, please do not scroll further !!

this series also has it’s own socials which are linked here:

character sheets and sketches



hunter!! (8/6/23)
teddy!! (8/6/23)
william and henry at the bookstore (8/18/22)
henry in a corset (8/13/22)
henry with the shrooms (8/18/22)
henry getting ready (4/13/22)
RANDY!!!! (6/14/22)
hunter (5/30/22)
lily (5/30/22)
vic getting head pats (3/17/22)
hunter’s parents (3/18/22)
henry’s parents (8/12/21)
henry (: (8/6/23)
vic (o: (8/6/23)
the delacours updated (5/14/23)
will working at a coffee shop (10/17/22)
william and ophelia (6/19/22)
henry cleaning up (12/13/22)
father-daughter dancing (11/26/22)
sage’s drawing of vic and herself (4/9/22)
teddy (5/30/22)
beatrice (5/30/22)
henry (4/23/22)
victoria’s parents (11/13/21)
sage (3/19/22)